Group Caricature

groomsmen-group-caricatureAll your groomsmen together in one pic make a great gift for them and something that you can have for the rest of your life.  This is probably one of the best groomsmen gifts out there.  You can make it even funnier by telling to artist to exaggerate certain features or put props into the caricature.  The best part is, a group caricature for 6 people will run you about $200 on this website or you can see all the Groovy Groomsmen Gifts caricatures here.

Luxury Shaving Kit

best-shaving-kitEveryone has to shave, but nobody likes to spend money on it to make it more enjoyable.  That’s exactly why this is one of the top gifts out there, its something your groomsmen will appreciate but probably would not have spent the money on themselves.  It makes the shaving experience something that you look forward t.  It gets some great reviews and it can be had for around $30 a pop.

Leather Travel Kit

Best Travel Kit Ever

The Leather Travel Kit is pretty much the ultimate groomsmen gift.  Its something that every dude needs, but won’t want to spend his own money on.  Hook your groomsmen up with one of he best groomsmen gifts out there, this Leather Travel Kit comes engraved with your groomsmen’s initials to make it that much cooler.  The one pictured here is high quality and affordable, at $50 on this website as it is is running a big sale on them.

Custom Dart Board

Best Dart Boards PersonalizedThe most common way to go with this groomsmen gift is to get a big picture of your groommen’s face and put it on front and center on the dart board, but you can also take an different angle and put one of your groomsmen’s enemies on the dart board.  Either way, its a great groomsmen gift that will run you about $60 on this website.

Personalized Bow Ties

bow-ties-personalizedIf you are looking for something a little different, these attractive ties have a great personal touch with monogrammed initials on them. The bow ties come in a variety of colors so you can get a different color for each of your groomsmen and it will make for awesome pictures. You can also order them in varying colors or to match the wedding colors. This groomsmen gift will add an interesting touch to any dude’s wardrobe. These is great if you are looking for less traditional groomsmen’s gifts, you can get these personalized for around $50 a pop here.

Swiss Army Pocket Tool

pocket-tool-groomsmen-giftsThis groomsmen gift is pretty awesome and one that your guys will never come close to getting at any other wedding they are in.   Odds are they haven’t seen one of these pocket tools before, so it will catch your groomsmen completely off guard and have a cool factor because of it.  This tiny toolbox that is the size of a credit card comes with a knife, LED light, scissors, screwdriver, tweezers and a few other handy tools.   The people that get this great pocket tool love it, check out the reviews on Amazon.  The best part is, you can get this awesome groomsmen gift for less then $25 here.

Bottle Cap Opener Belt

best-belts-for-groomsmenHow genius is this, a belt buckle that can open a beer bottle is a sure win when you hand it over to your groomsmen.  It will be hands down the best groomsmen gift they will ever receive.  Every time they open a beer bottle with it, they will think of what a stud you were for giving them the best groomsmen gift ever.  The girls will love they guy that can open their beer bottle for them and may find themselves reaching to do it themselves, your groomsmen will be forever grateful.   You can get this awesome groomsmen gift Groovy Groomsmen Gifts for $50.


All in One Sinful Products Case

all-in-one-sinfull-products-caseThis thing holds your booze, a cigar, and comes with a lighter, what beats this?  Your fellas will surely appreciate a groomsmen gift that shows them your ready to party with them after marriage.  It comes with a Zippo lighter that you can get personalized.  This awesome groomsmen gift goes for $45 on this website.


sunglasses-best-groomsmen-giftsMost guys are stressed out enough about their upcoming wedding without having to worry about finding the best groomsmen gifts.  Sunglasses are a great gift no matter what time of year the wedding takes place. They are something that almost everyone uses and there are a variety of styles to choose from. This gift also gives the groom a wide spectrum of groomsmen-gifts-under-sunglassesprice ranges to consider.  Our two favorite pairs are the ones pictures here.  The Rayban Wayfarer’s, which will run you about $85, and the Under Armor sunglasses, which are a little cheaper and will run you $65, are both good choices.  Both will make for awesome group pictures on your wedding day.

Customized Glasses

custom-beer-glassesWho doesn’t like to drink, if you can make that experience better by giving your groomsmen a cool glass that has there name on it then it makes the drinking experience even better.  There are a bunch of options out there, most of them you can’t go wrong with.  One of our favorites is the one you see in the picture here, which you can get a set of 4 for $30.